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Are All Paints Equal?
In short, No. Most companies have varying grades of paint. Contractor grade is usually the entry level. They are usually not washable, and are made to be quick and economical. It's also not very durable and won't last long, but the assumption is that you'll be repainting often. Additionally, more of a cheaper grade of paint will be required to complete a job. Logically, a $10 gallon of paint will not do what a $30 gallon of paint will do. That's why if you try to get a color from a premium paint mixed in a cheaper grade, you won't get the color you want. What is in the can is different. Basically, all the 'good stuff' in paint costs money. Spend the extra and get the best value and best quality for your money.
Why Can I See Through My Red (Or Blue, Or Any Other Dark Color Of Paint)?
With the demand for more brilliant and vibrant colors today, the paint manufacturers have to use more acrylic in the paint base. The more acrylic, the clearer the base. Thus when the pigment is added, it is only a small part of the total volume. Thus, you get 'see through'. And even with multiple coats, you can still see through it. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. One way is to prime your walls with grey primer. The dark background of the grey primer makes the 'see through' less visible. It's essentially an optical illusion but it works! You will still need 2 coats of color, but that's better than 3, 4 or 5 coats. Another option is to use a Paint/Primer combination. Several companies offer this feature, nowadays. It costs about $10 a gallon more, but it's worth it. Usually 2 coats will do it all. So, you save yourself a step and the extra expense of the primer. The most effective method of all of course, is to hire a professional who can get it right the first time and with a minimum amount of waste.
Help! Why Won't My Old Wallpaper Strip Off?

This is a very common problem. In many instances, wallpaper was installed in a home without the prerequisite wallpaper-primer being applied to the walls. It's an issue of expense on the front end. But it comes back to bite on the back end. Without the wallpaper-primer, the wallpaper was installed directly onto the sheetrock. Once it is stuck, it is there to stay. An entire industry has emerged, providing do-it-yourself tools for wallpaper removal. Very few work. And, in recent years, the wallpaper removal chemicals have been diluted to such an extent that they're practically ineffective. The end result of all of this is paper that won't come off of the walls easily, and damage to your drywall when it does. Your best option is to hire a professional who knows how to remove it safely. Ken Rader Interiors is owned and operated not only by professional painters, but certified wallcovering installers. Let us help you today!

Can I Use Canned Texture To Texture My Walls?
Yes you can, but that doesn't mean that you should. First of all, canned texture is very expensive, costing $10 - $15 per can. Secondly, each can only does a very small area. Finally, the finished product ends up looking like you sprayed it from a can. Save your money and hire a professional who has the proper equipment to do the job right so that you end up with good looking texture right where you want it, without the mess.


Can I Paint My Popcorn Textured Ceiling With A Roller?
No! Absolutely not. Here's why: Popcorn texture is sprayed onto the ceiling and when you try to roll the paint onto it, the texture is softened by the paint. When you roll over it again, it comes off on your roller. Picture an enormous mess. The only time this won't happen is in the rare cases where the ceiling was sealed with an oil sealer, a primer, and then painted. The only way to safely paint textured ceilings without uncovering a nasty surprise is with an airless sprayer. A trained professional from Ken Rader Interiors with an airless sprayer can save you time, hassle and money.

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