Interiors Painting



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Professional Painting - Interior & Exterior

Careful and detailed preparation along with selection of the right products ensures that a paint job by Ken Rader Interiors will last for years to come. A wide variety of paint and painting products are available today, but not all of them are correct for your next project. Ken Rader Interiors can recommend the correct product for your particular project. One that will give you the look you desire... and that will last. Updating your colors? Ken Rader Interiors is up-to-date with the lastest trends, regarding which colors are 'in' and which colors are 'out.' Let them guide you in colors that will work with your furniture and accessories.

Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Ken Rader Interiors is owned and operated by skilled wallcovering installers who have attended wallpapering schools around the country and have stayed current on the latest trends and techniques. They are certified by leading industry brands such as Schumacher, Waverly and Eisenhart. Looking to remove your existing wallpaper and try something new? Ken Rader Interiors takes that same commitment to quality and detail and removes the wallpaper with minimal damage to your walls. Any damage that occurs is repaired and the walls are restored to excellent condition, ready for the new look you desire.

Texturing - Walls & Ceilings

Ken Rader Interiors can apply textures of all types to your walls and ceilings, while keeping it off of your furniture, trim and floors. Properly applied, texture can add interest and sophistication. Looking to repair damage to your walls or ceilings? Ken Rader Interiors can repair and texture to make it go away. Careful cover-up and preparation prior to the actual texturing itself is the hallmark of Ken Rader Interiors' approach. Once the project is completed, you will have texture only where it is supposed to be, and never where it isn't.




More Than Just Professional Painting


Ken Rader Interiors is proud to serve the Northwest Arkansas area with the very best in Professional Painting services. Additional services offered include: Interior & Exterior Staining, Cabinet Refinishing, Brick Painting and Faux Finishes, all performed to the highest level of detail and quality. Ken Rader Interiors prides themselves on their 'neat and clean' approach to every project, their accurate and competitive estimates, environmentally friendly products and timely completion of all projects, without needless shortcuts. With Ken Rader Interiors, not only do you get your money's worth, you get a quality job that will last.


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